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REVETCUR 5% - 10 gram - Chicks Dewormer

REVETCUR 5% - 10 gram - Chicks Dewormer
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Revetcur ® 5%  is a broad spectrum antiparasitic powder oral. Its active principle, fenbendazole, chemically belongs to the group of benzimidazoles.



Revetcur ® 5%  is indicated for the prevention and treatment of parasitic infestations caused by nematodes in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts in poultry and pigs.



Revetcur ® 5%  has an effect against nematodes and cestodes in their larval and adult stages, it is also ovicidal, which allows a more complete control over parasites and reinfestations in pens and sheds.



Revetcur ® 5%  has a wide margin of safety, does not cause carcinogenic, teratogenic or embryotoxic problems



Revetcur ® 5% does not depress  posture in birds, its use in breeding birds does not affect fertility in females or males, or the viability of the fertile egg.



Revetcur ® 5%  allows to medicate large groups of birds or pigs simultaneously, saving labor and unnecessary handling of animals.

Revetcur ® 5%  disperses homogeneously in the food, it does not settle like granulated products.


Every 100 grams contain Fenbendazole ............. 5 g cpp Excipient ....... 100 g


Antiparasitic broad-spectrum oral powder, indicated for the prevention and treatment of parasitic infestations caused by nematodes in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract in Poultry and Swine.


When fenbendazole is administered orally, it is only partially absorbed. Fenbendazole is insoluble in water and has a poor absorption rate when administered orally, about 36% is excreted unchanged in the faeces.


In monogastrics there is no reservoir effect of the compound as it happens in ruminants; therefore it requires the administration of repeated doses for several days. In pigs, 5 days after oral fenbedazole treatment at 5 mg / kg body weight, concentrations of fenbendazole residues in all edible tissues were below the analytical limit of quantification (less than 5 mcg / kg). In a radiometric study evaluating at three different times, with 5 mg of 14 C-fenbendazole / kg of body weight) in pigs previously reviewed by the CVMP (Administration and the Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products) the residue concentrations in liver were: 260, 70 and less than 20 mcg / kg respectively and in kidney 50, 30 and 10 mcg / kg respectively on days 5, 14 and 21 after treatment.


Fenbendazole is metabolized in mammals to give rise to a series of benzimidazoles, fenbendazole sulfoxide (FBZ-SO) and fenbendazole sulfone (FBZ-SO  2) . The maximum concentration C max in the blood after administration of the oral dose is approximately 8 hours in rats and rabbits, 24 hours in dogs and 2-3 days in sheep. The plasma elimination half-life in rats is 6 hours, rabbits 13 hours, dogs 15 hours and sheep 2-3 days.


The elimination of fenbendazole is predominantly via the faeces. The liver appears to be the main target tissue in all the species evaluated. Approximately 36% is excreted unchanged in the faeces.


Fenbendazole acts as a toxin for parasite mitosis. The microtubules of the parasite cells are affected in such a way that they can no longer carry out normal cell division, which causes a defective segregation of the chromosomes, which gives rise to aneuploid daughter cells. Fenbendazole has not been shown to have antibacterial activity, neither in vitro nor in the bacterial microflora.

Fenbendazole is effective in birds and pigs against adult nematodes, larval stages and eggs of  Hyostrongylus, Oesophagostomum, Ascaris, Trichuris, Metastrongylus, Stephanurus, Heterakis, Capillaria  and S  yngamus  .


Pigs: Individual treatment:  5 mg / kg of live weight, which is equivalent to 1 sachet of 10 g per 100 kg of live weight. Collective treatment:  mix 2 kg of  Revetcur ® 5%  per ton of feed In both cases the treatment is given in a single day.In parasitosis caused by  Stephanurus dentatus  give double the treatment, that is, 10 mg / kg of live weight. treatment in case of cysticercosis, administer 1 sachet of 10 g for every 100 kg of body weight for 7 consecutive days.

Poultry: Individual treatment:  1 sachet of 10 g of  Revetcur ® 5%  for each 4.16 kg of feed. Collective treatment:  mix 2.4 kg of  Revetcur ® 5%  per ton of feed (120 ppm) In both cases the treatment is given in a single day. To treat at 60 ppm mix 1.2 kg of  Revetcur ® 5%  per ton of feed for 3 days. To treat at 30 ppm mix 600 g of  Revetcur ® 5%  per ton of feed for 6 days. To treat at 20 ppm mix 400 g of  Revetcur ® 5%  per ton of feed for 9 days.


Oral, mixed with food.



Fenbendazole is an anthelmintic with a very wide margin of safety; the toxic dose in pigs is 5000 mg / kg of body weight. It does not affect fertility, it does not have teratogenic or embryotoxic effects in pregnant females.

Its use in breeding birds does not affect fertility in females or males, nor does it affect the viability of the fertile egg.

Withdrawal period Do not use the product 14 days before slaughter of pigs intended for human consumption.

Do not use the product 7 days before slaughter of birds intended for human consumption.

Do not consume the eggs of the treated birds until 3 days after the last treatment.

Empty containers and any residual content should be disposed of, buried or cremated.

Keep the product in a dry and cool place, protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult the Veterinarian. Its sale requires a prescription.


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