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CORID® 9.6% Oral Solution - 16oz

CORID® 9.6% Oral Solution - 16oz
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  • Coccidiostat to help treat and prevent coccidiosis in calves
  • Contains the active ingredient amprolium
  • Safe for use in beef and dairy calves
  • 24 hour slaughter withdrawal
  • Administer as a drench or mix into drinking water

Coccidia are single-celled protozoa that infect the intestines of cattle, leading to coccidiosis. Symptoms of coccidiosis in cattle include diarrhea, loss of blood, dehydration and, in some cases, bloody diarrhea. Coccidiosis can lead to a decline in overall health, loss of appetite, reduced body condition and even death. CORID® 9.6% Oral Solution helps prevent costly coccidial infection caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in exposed calves, and also treats clinical outbreaks when they do occur.

CORID® 9.6% Oral Solution may be administered orally as a drench or mixed into the drinking water of beef and dairy cattle. This coccidiostat contains the active ingredient amprolium which stops coccidia in the small intestine, therefore preventing more damaging coccidiosis in the large intestine. Treatment of coccidia should be conducted on a herd basis; when one or more calves show signs of coccidiosis, the rest of the herd has likely been exposed and all calves should be treated.


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