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Bayticol Dip 3% - 100ml

Bayticol Dip 3% - 100ml
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Product description:

Bayticol 3% has as an active ingredient flumethrin , a substance developed by Bayer and belonging to the family of synthetic pyrethroids of the third generation, which has the advantage of having a metabolic pathway different from conventional pyrethroids, attacking even strains of ticks resistant to chlorinated and organophosphorus ticks.

Bayticol 3% acts at the level of the nervous system of the ticks, causing serious alterations, which manifests itself in three ways:

Destroyer effect:

Bayticol 3% begins to act immediately, and the death of ticks manifests between 1 and 8 hours. However, the detachment of the ticks takes 24 to 48 hours and the maximum effect is observed on the fifth day. This characteristic is very positive since it avoids that when the ticks are released quickly, there are open wounds in the animals that can become infected or form worms.

Sterilizing effect:

This effect is immediate and causes the total inhibition of fertile egg laying; even the adult and full ticks that break off shortly after the bath are completely sterile.

The potency of Bayticol 3% is such that even concentrations as low as 0.5 to 5 ppm show a total inhibition of posture; In addition, this effect is of fundamental importance since the residues in the fur remain active, sterilizing the infesting ticks for up to 14 days.

Residual effect:

Bayticol 3% remains active in the hair of animals for a minimum of 8 to 10 days, and exerts a 100% lethal effect on infesting larvae.

Thus, due to the high elimination, sterilization and residual effect properties, Bayticol 3% fights ticks on the animal, decreases reinfestations and exerts a cleaning effect on pastures, which facilitates the fight against the tick.

For the exclusive use of the Veterinary Zootechnician.


Bayticol 3% for bath contains: Flumethrin, in a proportion of 3%.

Route of administration:

Bayticol 3% is used in immersion or spray baths.


The recommended dose for the treatment of animals infested with ticks is 30 ppm (0.003% active ingredient), which is equivalent to one liter of Bayticol 3% per 1,000 lt. of water.

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