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BRAVO 100ml

BRAVO 100ml
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BRAVO is an ectoparasiticidal oil solution based on permethrin and synergistic substances that acts against flies, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, ticks, scabies mites and corucos. 
MECHANISM OF ACTION: Permethrin is a neurotoxic insecticide that acts by direct contact with the parasite causing death. 
BRAVO is formulated in such a way that permethrin is dissolved in an oily base, thus obtaining a waterproof vehicle to prevent Permethrin from being easily carried away by water. 
In addition, it contains a combination of solvents and emulsifiers that make the active diffuse easily and quickly through the parasite's tegument, quickly reaching the peripheral nerves and nerve ganglia, causing them neurotoxicity.

Permethrin :-( 2,2-dichlophenyl-2,2) -carboxylic acid dimethylcyclopropane (3-phenoxybenzyl) methyl ester equivalent to: 2.7% (27 g / 1,000 ml) 
Vehicle, cbp 1,000 ml. 

Indications for use:
For the control of ectoparasites in domestic animals such as: house fly, paddle fly or horn fly (Hematobia irritans), stable fly (Stomoxis calcitrans), horse flies (Tabanus spp., Heamotopora spp.), House mites. scabies (Sarcoptes spp, Psoroptes spp, Notoedres spp, and Demodex spp), lice (Haemotopius spp, Damalinia spp, Linognathus spp, Trichodectes spp, Bovicola spp), fleas (Ctenacephalides ceratophilus, Pulex) and ticks (Boophilus spp, Amblyoma spp, Dermacentor spp, Rhipicephalus spp.). 

Route of Administration:
In birds it is applied around the cloaca and in the rest of the animals on the back and loin. 

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