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Balsamo Blanco Ointment 200gr

Balsamo Blanco Ointment 200gr
Product Code: OTHER-208
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Price: $30.00
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Anti-inflammatory analgesic and rubefacient based on natural ingredients


Each 1 g contains:


50 mg


20.3 mg

Methyl salicylate

100 mg

Cedar oil

26.3 mg

Geranium oil

14.5 mg

Zinc oxide

100 mg


80 mg

Lanolin anhydrous

25 mg

Excipient, cbp 1 g.

INDICATIONS :  For the local treatment of inflamed udders, cracked nipples and udder wounds caused by bumps and bruises. Relieves muscular and joint inflammations caused by trauma, sprains, sprains and joint rheumatism. It also prevents pain and itching in cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, dogs and cats.

DOSAGE :  Apply enough of the product to cover the affected area (after cleaning the area), giving a light massage; Repeat the operation every 24 hours. In case of mastitis, apply after each milking at the recommendation of the Veterinarian.


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