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Galombrix 50 tablets - Product of Galopharm

Galombrix 50 tablets - Product of Galopharm
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Each Tebleta contains:

Piperazine Citrate ....... 300 mg 
Levamisol HCL ................ 100 mg 
Praziquantel ................. ...... 15 mg 
Vehicle cbp ............... 1 tablet

Dewormer in tablets


Due to its piperazine content, it acts against ascarids, producing paralysis due to blockade of neuromuscular, cholinergic receptors of the parasite.

Levamisole acts against pulmonary worms and gastrointestinal helminths, also produces parasite paralysis.

Praziquantel acts by causing the death of the parasite by vacuolization (lysis or destruction). The combination of these three substances results in a broad spectrum antiparasitic .


For the prevention and treatment of avian parasitosis produced by:Ascaridia spp, Heterakis gallinarum , Capillaria spp, Gongylonemaingluvicola , Dispharynx nasuta , Cheilospirura spp, Railletia spp,Hymenolepis spp, Tetrameres , Cyanea , Syngamus trachea , Trichinellaand all parasites of the crop , proventricle, ventricle, small intestine, caecum, trachea and lungs .

Route of Administration

Oral, take direct to the peak.


Birds of more than 2 kg of body weight 1 tablet. 
Birds of less than 2 kg body weight half a tablet. 
Repeat the treatment at 14 days at the discretion of the Veterinary Zootechnician.

The dose can be repeated at the discretion of the Veterinary Zootechnician ..


• Keep this product in a cool, dry place and protected from direct sunlight. 
• Keep out of the reach of children. 
• Stay between 15 and 30 ° C.



• Do not supply in birds that are in egg production for human consumption. 
• Do not consume the meat of the animals treated with this product. 
• This product is for veterinary use only.



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