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UVL Sulfatec 10 gram

UVL Sulfatec 10 gram
Brand: UVL
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Sulfatec is the specialist in diseases of digestive origin and bacteria susceptible to its formula. Recommended for birds that eat dirt or soil their water. Some birds have an exaggerated consumption of water compared to other birds in these cases sulfatec is recommended as follow-up therapy. It is also recommended in birds that perform watery green in these cases can also be the therapy of first choice.

Doses and intructions

Generally i gram per liter of water. In the case of roosters that eat ground it is recommended to give during 5 days and to apply an intestinal washing of the following way:

2 grams of sulfatec in 9 ml of water are stirred well and with a syringe WITHOUT the needle are inserted through the anus, being careful not to hurt the bird. Usually with a wash is enough and if it is necessary repeat the operation the next day. It is important that the intestinal lavage is accompanied by the oral intake of sulfatec for 5 days.

The problem of commander roosters and whitish greenish diarrhea of ​​bacterial origin is a common problem and in most cases it is not due to parasitosis.

*** sulfatec is effective in diarrhea of ​​bacterial origin, not to be confused with diarrhea of ​​viral origin ***


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