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UVL TWIN 100ml

UVL TWIN 100ml
Brand: UVL
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UVL calorie supplement

A,D,E,C + carbohydrates + Grasas+ Carnitine.
More than 1300 Calories Per Ounce.
This plugin is very high in calories so it provides a source of energy in:
- sick animals help a rapid recovery of basic basic levels for a better response to medicines.
- animals for exposure or competition for the last 3 days recommended an intake of 50 ml per litre of water to provide a sufficient source of energy.
- in animals with a lack of weight or malnutrition, it is recommended to give 5 ml per litre of water for 10 days continuous for recovery and weight gain.
- in animals travelling or being subjected to food restraint giving 5 ml per kilogram of live weight for the first 10 kg and 1 ml per kilo remaining, and resibirlos with Twin 5 ml per litre of Water.
The Twin is a food that contains amino acids, vitamins, calories and easy assimilation.
In birds or animals of competition, a contribution of 1500 calories per ounce of the product is considered to have the optimum levels of glucogenos in a single intake without the need to use their muscle reserves prior to competition.
With this amount of calories in the same way, it ensures full performance of the physical qualities in competition.
It is recommended for exposure birds, dogs of physical competence and exposure, horse racing or exposure, sheep, goats and or bulls, in smaller birds to give presence and brightness to the pen, not recommended in cats.

Use in combat birds:
In chicks give 10 ml for 500 ml of water to their interesting during the first 3 days of life, then give 2 times per litre of water to 6 months of age.
At the time of lifting the chickens that suffer from stress and low weight, give 20 ml per litre of water 7 days continuous.
IN PELECHA GIVE 5 ML PER LITRE OF WATER GIVE 7 days per month to its total emplume, with this will get an exceptional pen, with more brightness and flexible and a faster emplume.
Special for the of the roosters the last days.
Give 30 ml per liter of water and shake vigorously from 2 days before the competition, this is if you compete on Saturday, from Thursday and Friday will give you as the sole source of drink, removing the leftover and making New Mix.
The day of the competition is made a mixture of 10 ml of twin with 5 ml of water and the food to be used on the day of the competition.
If the competition is at night, a spoonful is given in the morning which consists of a mixture of grains in the previous mixture.
Forms of pluck:
Quaker Oats, broken corn, male, Apple and potassium gel, leaves soaking and gives it a pinch every 2 hours to keep the cocks in point and prevent them from being emptied and have a low blood sugar , which in many cases we say "already fell" which is nothing more than a hipoglesemia because of the lack of food and fasting time.
The Twin is a food supplement that does not shock or cause side effects with any vitamin supplements.

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