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Asuntol -100ml

Asuntol -100ml
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Useful for the combat of ticks, fleas, lice and mange 

Asuntol has a wide field of application as veterinary ectoparasiticide, especially in ticks resistant to pyrethroids. 

For dogs, cattle, goats, pigs, horses and sheep 

Route of administration: Asuntol can be used with equal effectiveness in immersion and aspersion baths. 

Because of its high efficiency Asuntol has been the leader in organophosphorus ticks since the 60s. The perfect tolerance of Asuntol allows to safely bathe all species of livestock at any age, including calves and pregnant females.

Asuntol applied at the recommended concentration and despite being fixed on the skin and hair, practically does not penetrate the body as often happens with other products in the form of emulsions or solutions. 

As it is not absorbed through the skin, it is also not removed by milk and other organs, making it an ideal product for dairy cattle. There is no danger of compromising the health of man by consuming the milk of treated cows, even on the same day they are bathed. 

Asuntol is very safe because concentrations even 15 times higher (3,000 ppm) than those recommended are well tolerated. 

After having applied Asuntol at the proper concentration and technically correct, the ticks not full of blood die after 24 hours.

In contrast, ticks half full and full of blood, take 2 to 3 days to die, but no longer suck blood after bathing. 

Asuntol also prevents oviposition of female ticks. 

That is to say that by not laying eggs or by sterilizing them, it helps to better control the infestation by this parasite. 

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