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Calfon Fuerte 100ml

Calfon Fuerte 100ml
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- Hypocalcemic pregnancy before, during and after delivery or during lactation (milk fever).

-Allergies, toxicosis, neurosis (for example, puerperal hemoglobuline, hypocalcemia of the sow and bitch, petechial fever, urticaria, anaphylaxis, exanthema, pododermatitis, hematuria).

- Conditions caused by general metabolic disorders (for example, repetitive cows, weakness of uterine contractions in the initial phase and in the state of expulsion of the fetus).

-Calcium metabolism disorders (for example, rickets, osteomalacia, weakness of newborns, acetonuria).

-Auxiliary against bronchitis accompanied by strong secretion.

- Myoglobinuria of horses (lumbago).

- Hepatic protection in poisoning with carbon tetrachloride (after treatment with fasciolas), lead and fluoride poisoning, by drugs, oxalic acid, tartar emetic, insecticides based on chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemical products (DDT, lindane, etc. .)..


VIA ADMINISTRATION:  It can be injected subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously.

In pigs it is recommended to use subcutaneously.



-Equines and cattle of 500 kg of pc: 80 to 100 ml.

-Porcines, sheep, goats, foals, calves from 50 to 100 kg of pc: 20 to 30 ml.

-Lechones, dogs: 2 to 3 ml.

The dose is increased or reduced according to the weight of the animals.

When the calcium deficiency is severe (for example, milk fever), half the dose will be injected intravenously slowly into the jugular or vein of the neck, and the other half will be injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly.


SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:Intravenously, inject slowly, since rapid administration may cause cardiac arrest. Before using the product, heat it to body temperature.


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