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Tigent 100ml

Tigent 100ml
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Antimicoplásmico formulated in a ombinacion of tylosin and gentamicina of intramuscular application or in the water of drink.


Species: cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and birds.



Each ml contains:

Tylosin base (as tylosin tartrate) .......................... 200 mg

Gentamicin base (as gentamicin sulfate) ............ 80 mg

Vehicle c.b.p. .................................................. .................... 1 ml



Tigent is a fast absorbing solution that presents good serum levels one hour after administration.

Tigent offers good liposolubility, which allows it to be distributed in body fluids and tissues.

Tigent persists at high levels up to 32 hours post-administration. It offers superior results to those obtained using each of its compounds separately.

Tigent antibiotic combination effective against Mycoplasmas and some pathogenic and opportunistic germs.


Tigent must be used for the treatment and control of infections caused by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that cause the following diseases and signs in animals:


Dosage and route of administration:

1 ml per 20 Kg of live weight. Deep intramuscular, oral in birds.



Warnings and contraindications:

Do not use in animals with renal insufficiency. The use of this product may cause anaphylactic reactions, antidote: Epinephrine. The use of this product is not recommended in equines and dogs. Do not administer Porcine with a weight less than 25 kg. Keep out of reach of children.


Withdrawal time:

Do not use this product 30 days before the slaughter of animals destined for human consumption. Do not consume treated birds until 5 days after the last application. Do not use this product in egg producing birds for human consumption. Do not use the milk of treated animals for human consumption until 5 days after the last application.


Storage conditions:

Keep in a cool and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight. Once used, incinerate the bottle and leftovers.


Additional Information:


Mechanism of action

Tigent based on its compounds acts blocking the production of proteins, affects the binding of ribonucleic acids to ribosomes. It crosses the bacterial membrane by simple diffusion and causes failure in the reading and metabolic transcription of the genetic codes, in this way the bacterium is not able to obtain nutrients or synthesize them abnormally.

Effective antibiotic association

For therapeutics against infectious diseases. Currently there is a wide variety of antimicrobials and combinations of them, it is expected that the drugs that are associated with another will offer better results, which has an impact on the benefit of sick animals and at a lower cost per treatment for the owners thereof. to be able to administer less volume of medication and for a shorter time. Avoiding in this way the chronicity of diseases, so lethal in livestock production. The use of Tigent provides a complete treatment by acting on germs of difficult solution such as Mycoplasma, thus guaranteeing optimal results.




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