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Revimin Plus - 250ml

Revimin Plus - 250ml
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Formulation of vitamins with mineral elements and nandrolone as anabolic. It corrects and prevents the lack of them and intensifies the growth, development and fattening of the animals.
Each 100 ml contains:
Vitamin A palmitate 0.50 g
Vitamin B1 0.50 g
Vitamin B2 0.01 g
Vitamin B6 0.02 g
Vitamin B12 0.01 g
Pantothenic Acid 0.20 g
Vitamin D2 (Calciferol) 0.01 g
Vitamin E 0.25 g
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 0.10 g
Calcium Chloride (anhydrous) 0.20 g
Magnesium Chloride 6 H2O 1.00 g
Cobalt Chloride 6 H2O 0.05 g
Manganese Chloride 4 H2O 0.04 g
Zinc Chloride (anhydrous) 0.04 g
Copper Chloride (anhydrous) 0.20 g
Potassium Chloride (anhydrous) 0.10 g
Sodium Chloride (anhydrous) 0.20 g
Potassium iodide (anhydrous) 0.04 g
Sodium glycerophosphate 0.10 g
Ammonium Iron Citrate 0.10 g
Calcium hypophosphite (anhydrous) 1.00 g
Formulation Agents q.s.
Animal species to which it is destined:
Cattle, sheep, pigs, small animals.
Subcutaneous use
Calves and pigs: 5 ml. Cows and steers: 10 ml. Bulls: 15 ml. Sheep: 3 ml. Small animals, piglets and lambs: 1 ml.
Flasks with 50 and 250 ml of net content.
This product contains anabolics: sale only in countries where its use is allowed.

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