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Vitaminfos potente 50ml

Vitaminfos potente 50ml
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VITAMINFOS POTENTE is ideal for prevention, treatment of all types of anemia, general restorative, emaciation, weakness, inappetence, fractures, intoxications, sexual exhaustion, hair loss, potent stimulant of appetite and growth, metabolic disorders (ketosis, fatty liver, metritis, retention of placenta), locomotive problems, reproductive disorders (postpartum anestros) and increases production in cattle, sheep, goats, South American camelids, equines, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.


VITAMINFOS POTENTE associates hematopoietic products (B 12 , Iron and Copper) with amino acids (Methionine, Histidine and Tryptophan) combined with arsenical compounds, constituting an excellent complement of a deficient food and a great appetite stimulant. It is applied in the treatment and prevention of: Anemias of various origins (food, infectious, parasitic, hemorrhagic, surgical, etc.) as a tonic that reconstitutes metabolism (weakness, lack of appetite, etc.).


  • Bovine, Equine: 10 - 12 mL
  • Calves-foals: 5 - 10 mL
  • Sheep and Caprines: 1 mL / 10Kg
  • South American Camelids 1 mL / 10Kg
  • Canines and Felines: 1 mL / 5 Kg
  • Birds and fighting cocks: 0.2 mL / kg

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