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VITAFORT A - 500 gram

VITAFORT A - 500 gram
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Multivitamin for birds


Each 100 g contains:

Vitamin A 125,000 U.I.

Vitamin D3 41,500 U.I.

B12 vitamin 500 mcg

Vitamin E 40 U.I.

Riboflavin 90 mg

Vitamin B1 100 mg

Vitamin B6 50 mg

Vitamin C 100 mg

Vitamin K 100 mg

Calcium pantothenate 100 mg

Nicotinamide 400 mg

Folic acid 3 mg

Excipient, c.b.p. 100 g  



INDICATIONS: Can be used indistinctly in the drinking water or mixed with the food.

There is no complete food, since to a greater or lesser degree, the grains and forages lack one or several vitamins. VITAFORT®-A contains in sufficient quantity all the necessary vitamins to provide the birds with an adequate food ration. Their birds can stop eating, but they hardly stop drinking, so it is extremely useful to provide them with the necessary vitamins to help them withstand periods of stress after vaccinations, inadequate handling, and so on. VITAFORT®-A, if you prefer, can mix it with the food.



Breeders: In the drinking water 2 g per liter of water, in the feed (growth, initiation of posture) 3 to 4 tablespoons per 10 kg of food.


ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: It can be administered to your birds at any time and for as long as it is convenient, but it is of vital importance to be administered during illnesses, vaccinations, stress, et cetera. The aforementioned dosages are considered average and should be administered and / or repeated according to the severity of each case under the supervision of the Veterinarian.


WARNINGS: Keep in the shade and in a cool place for storage. Do not leave it within the reach of children and pets.


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