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Nux Vomica St Formula 2 ounce Dropper Bottle

Nux Vomica St Formula 2 ounce Dropper Bottle
Brand: BRECO
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Dr. Blues Extract of Nux Vomia is the most potent of all Central Nervous System stimulants! Its chemical makeup has a direct bearing in the production of energy and stamina and overall vigor to a cock's system! It increases quickness and muscle reaction time by its actions on neurons that provide electrical impulses that control the chemical speed in which muscle reaction and contraction time takes place! It makes energy available to the muscle tissues and oxygen uptake by the lungs by increasing metabolism. It stimulates the heart muscle and constricts the blood vessels to prevent the onset of shock and cardiac arrest due to massive hemorrhaging. In general, it is the perfect antidote in helping prevent rigor mortis from setting in abruptly! The St Formula contains quinine to reduce body heat produced by Nux Vomica's effect on metabolism which increases energy levels. This compound should be used in extremely hot weather to reduce body heat.

Dosage: The maxium recommended dosage is 10 drops within a 10 hour period of time. Although, Nux Vomica is non-cumulative in small doses (one or two drops) after the initial dosage has reached half-life!


Nux Vomica reaches full blood plasma level within one hour after given to the bird. But, some degree of stimulation does occur after 10 minutes. The active ingredient of Nux Vomica is completely eliminated from the body within 10 hours.
The maximum recommended dose is 10 drops within a 10 hour period.


Method #1: Five (5) drops are placed on feed or given by mouth at the morning and evening feedings the last two or 3 days of the keep. On the fight day, 7 to 8 drops are given by mouth along with 1 Carbotec capsules at the time of weigh-in or at least one hour before competitions. If 5 hours or more have gone by without the bird being called, give 1 or 2 drops Nux Vomica just prior to healing, or if ten hours go by without being called you may give 7 to 8 drops again.

Method #2: Five (5) drops are placed on feed or given by mouth at the morning and evening feedings the last two or 3 days of the keep. On morning of the fight day, place 7 to 8 drops of Nux vomice on 1 teaspoon of cracked corn or scratch feed and 1/3 egg white if show starts around noon time. If night show, five 1 tablespoon of the above. Allow no longer or less than 5-6 hours prior to wigh-in, in either case.

Method #3: The latest method is to give 1 capsule of Carbotec with Mux Vomica in place of feed it noon time show and 2 Carbotec capsules if night show along with Nux Vomica. At  time of heeling, give 1 Carbotec Tablet (not capsule) or inject 1cc of Carbotec injectable in breast prior to heeling. Do not use Nux Vomica or any other medications at this time. Use the Nux Vomica only as indicated above. 

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