Combination #1

Nitro plus and Red Viper Gel Capsules

Nitro Plus : Product made to achieve the necessary speed and take advantage during the start of the fight. In case of being wounded and fight prolonged fight will do it with power and cutting effects end at any time. No side effects and maintains invigorated cock all the time 
Dosage and administration: 
0.05 cc. administer three days before the fight, and then the morning of the fight. Can be combined with any vitamin supplements or oral stimulant.

Red Viper Gel caps:   all functions of Red Viper injectable but uncomplicated weight 

Dosage and administration: 

1 capsule the day of the fight

Cobra (or Cobra XT ) and B-12 5500 injectable 

Cobra: cobra is the king of all oversights for training fighting cocks. Achieve its potential in the plasma of the blood vessels in about 1 hour and held for about 72 hours providing hormonal force throughout the fight. No comparison, the roosters bite and throw many real 
Dosage and administration: 
1/10cc 3 days before the fight. 
1/15cc day of the fight.
B-12 5500 Injectable: Developer traditional red cells. Highest amount concentrated in the market. Combat anemia, appetite opens, manages IMPROVEMENTS quickly. Can be used in mares and bitches after delivery. In roosters who have been injured and have lost a lot of blood. Reinforced dissected liver and B-15 
Dosage and administration: 
1cc per 100 lbs. weight 
Roosters 1/4cc (0.25cc) in breast

Filipino Red Viper and Exel Tm 

Red Viper : one combibacion 2 analogues with severe functions in the body during the fight. helps prevent trauma, severe bleeding, cock refuses to morrir for her shots, necessary for survival. 
Dosage and administration:  
1/10 to 1/20 cc in the breast the day of the fight. Depends on the weight of the rooster or chicken. It is recommended from 2.15 to 3.10 lbs. 
1/10 cc and below 3.11 in 1/20 cc. Can be combined with any oral multivitamin. It has no side effects.
Excel tm:  Concentrated Excellence. It is not a vitamin, Exel TM meets the necessary supplements for fighting cock. The combinations presented here will help as never before in the care of your cocks. Desiccated liver, minerals, iron, B-12, enzymes and amino acids, in a single formula. Dr King is the fit of this product .
Dosage and administration:  
Follow label instructions


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